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Engagement for retail:
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We are Boxplosive. The driving force behind digital engagement and customer loyalty. Partners for retailers and consumer brands. We know retail, and we know that companies need an integrated strategy to increase customer retention. That’s why we consciously combine marketing, technology and data. That’s why we are the central hub in your strategy, aiming for more impact, focused on engagement and loyalty at every level.

Is engagement elusive?
Not if you understand how to set up an optimal customer journey.

We started out in 2012 as a technology company, concentrating on the use of e-coupons; now, we are primarily a partner for marketing, technology and data. We reinforce engagement and loyalty for retailers and brands; we always keep a watchful eye on, and apply, the latest trends. That’s how we stay current: we’re always evolving. And that’s how we can put our clients ahead of the game, and keep them there.

Future successes.

We never stop looking or learning. After all, although, by now, we have quite an impressive track record, we don’t want to pin too much on our past success. We prefer to invest, with you, in innovation, a distinctive strategy and accordingly future loyalty best practices.

We have the expertise, experience and creativeness to reinforce digital engagement and customer loyalty. And we like to use that experience to inspire, and to innovate, with proven technology that accelerates our client’s business at rocket speed. And we’d like to boost your company too: that’s what we’re all about. That’s why we do what we do.

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Turn your customers into fans and boost your business. The time is ripe: no retailer or brand is ever going to get anywhere if they just keep doing what they’ve always done. Get in touch: we’d love to help.