Turn insight into impact and optimise every conversion

Retailer or brand? Make your impact transparent. Analyse, optimise and plan, thus ensuring that an omnichannel approach yields returns. Anywhere, anytime, throughout the customer journey.

Data and insights: concrete and complete

A successful campaign is marvellous, but how can one continue to achieve this? Without data and insights, it’s simply a matter of guesswork. We therefore make your impact crystal clear. We start with detailed measurements, analyse the entire omnichannel approach and establish where improvements can be made. This yields concrete data, for each channel. Furthermore, it becomes evident how the countless touchpoints relate to sales, for a clear plan of action.

Retailer or brand? Gain insight into your impact

Retailer or brand? Pursue specific goals with us, which can be achieved using a mix of knowledge, tools and services.

Marketing automation

Approach the right customer with the right message or promotion, both at the right time and via the right channel. Use our marketing automation tool to set up omnichannel campaigns, identify segments and specific customer journeys, and establish the impact of campaigns by means of A/B testing. Have you already got a marketing automation tool? If so, you have the option of purchasing certain modules only, for example, with which to send push notifications. Furthermore, our performance consultants would be pleased to advise you on the most effective customer journey flows.


Monitor and optimise your programme or campaign using clearly laid out dashboards. Insights are combined in a concrete and clear manner, enabling you to see at a glance where to start making improvements. Not quite sure what to do? Bear in mind that you ca also rely on our performance consultants to provide support in the area of data interpretation.

Analytics and data science

Which activations yield the most in particular phases of the customer journey? Which digital channels should you deploy and when, and which are most effective in addressing each user group? These are questions we help you answer, using analytics and data science. Consider, for example, the development of algorithms. Or additional in-depth analysis of a particular channel.

Communication advice and consultancy

Has your programme or campaign already been launched? If so, establish which target group to approach and when. We help you set up and optimise a marketing communication calendar, among other things, and use consultancy to make sure our technology is performing optimally.

Training courses and workshops

A successful loyalty programme, a promotional campaign that yields optimum returns: it all depends on a clear understanding of improvements. This knowledge enables you to make our activations and technology work ideally for you. Avail yourself of our training courses and workshops therefore, for both your head office and shop staff. Participation yields benefits that will eventually amply cover the costs incurred.


Involve customers in your (retail) brand. Measure customer satisfaction and convert feedback into increased engagement and spending. The higher the satisfaction, the greater the loyalty, turnover and engagement. We can collect feedback in-app and online, as well as conducting representative research or usability tests. The road to success: we jointly utilise it in the broadest possible context.

Klaar voor meer impact?

De interactie met de klant: laten we ‘m omzetten in waarde. Samen bereiken we meer impact en betere resultaten, samen maken we de customer journey persoonlijk, concreet en op maat. Waarom wachten? Dit is het moment!

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