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The technology for your returns and growth: our SaaS platform for loyalty, promotions and engagement provides us with all the knowledge you require. It enables us to offer you optimum support. Always, at every level.

Omnichannel. Reliable.
And deployable just as you require.

A powerful and complete basis is called for to ensure returns and growth for shops and e-commerce. We therefore provide it, with an omnichannel experience. Supplied in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS), which runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and has a modular structure. This enables you to conveniently choose the components that fit your architecture and requirements.

In short, is your business expanding? In that case, our technology grows with you. And it does so as an open API-centric platform that integrates seamlessly with your marketing and IT stack, including a new product release every few weeks. The power of state-of-the-art technology: we are pleased to let you experience it. Scalable, secure and robust.

Boost digital engagement, promotions and customer loyalty using our technology

Let us support you with a wide range of out-of-the-box features.

Loyalty engine

Deployable off the shelf. Benefit from our experience of extensive physical and digital loyalty programmes for retailers. And apply it in combination with an extensive variety of savings and rewards rules, loyalty mechanisms and far-reaching customer differentiation.

Promotion engine

Enhance your omnichannel customer experience with personalised promotions. As the variety of discount rules is broad, it renders personalisation widely applicable to different customer groups at high volumes.

Data platform

Our data platform is your starting point for a complete customer profile. Available in real time, with all data in one place. And, of course, according to the most stringent standards for data protection and scalability.

POS integration

Benefit from our track record for realised and stable POS integrations for shops and e-commerce. Let the technology calculate points and discounts for customers in real time and in high volumes, and benefit from existing integrations with reputable checkout suppliers.

Content Management System (CMS)

Conveniently manage all the content of your tiers, savings cards and points balance yourself. Do the same with personalised promotions, video, text and animation, while also arranging customer support. That way, you maintain an overview.

Mobile app and web

Do you intend to have our white-label app adapted to your corporate identity? Or would you opt for integration to support your own app or progressive web app (PWA)? Whatever you decide: the options available are equally versatile and efficient.

Marketing automation

The right customer experience, anytime and anywhere! At the right time, via the channel that suits you best. And in an all-in-one integrated marketing solution, with a choice of channels such as your own app, email or SMS.


Harness the power of zero- and first-party data by adapting games omnichannel to your activation programme. Make the brand fun, strengthen brand awareness and work towards increased engagement.


Acquire new insights by monitoring your programme or campaign using clearly laid out dashboards. Everything available at a glance: interpret the right data and improve decision-making.

Want to learn more about our technology?

Develop. Test. And ensure that you make the most of our technology.

Get acquainted with our solutions in a test environment, which includes documentation and explanations. Our developer portal offers you a user-friendly and real-time environment, where you can set about developing and testing straight away. Moreover, APIs are available online there. Discover how to conveniently allocate the roles and rights that suit your organisation and learn how to deploy our technology flexibly and scalably. All the necessary ins & outs: you will know them off by heart in a jiffy.

Experience the impact of high-end solutions

Our API-centric platform serves as a basis for swift and smooth integrations with systems including your CRM, CDP, POS system or e-commerce. It is also available online, thus lending you access to your campaign or programme at any time. What about maintenance and upgrades? We take care of those. We remain at your service to provide support and management, while agreements on matters including backups, RTO and RPO are clearly described in detailed SLAs. Moreover, our years of experience vouch for our

capability in the area of optimum data protection. We never lose sight of safety & compliance. Our technology is GDPR-proof, undergoes regular external penetration tests and guarantees 99.995% uptime.

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