Promotions: let’s utilise them for your brand

Deploy e-couponing smartly and the customer will come back. Time after time.

Partner with us for a customer that both buys and returns. One who gets involved with your brand and experiences time after time that your offer suits them. We can jointly produce promotional and media campaigns that deepen and broaden the CRM data. This provides insight into customer needs, for an omnichannel approach that pays off. What about the technology behind it? It is robust. Reliable, secure and – just as importantly – highly user-friendly.

E-couponing and media.
Versatile and effective, for an offer that yields optimal returns.

Connecting, converting, engaging: calls for that promotions are invariably appropriate. We therefore apply the power of media in a versatile manner, as well as a balanced omnichannel strategy that utilises, while making the utmost of instant messaging during every interaction. This results in the right message, at the right time and for the right target group, with a tone-of-voice that hits the mark and an offer that yields optimal returns.

Measuring, analysing and optimising. All in the interest of engagement with the customer.

The success of a campaign is a matter of measurement. But also analysis and optimisation. We therefore establish a clear impression of your customer group, which consequently provides insight brand preferences and consumer behaviour and spending patterns. We focus on conversions during the campaign – including awareness, clicks, product purchases and follow-ups – and boost engagement using product reviews. And the cost per acquisition (CPA)? We make these measurable right up to the point of sale, for concrete insight into improvements.

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Simply because your campaigns require the best performance.

Things sometimes go without saying. Simply because they work. Robust, secure and efficient, just like our technology. It offers a clear bundling of user, transaction & shopping data, and has already proven its worth to customers in both the domestic and international markets. Our technology is compliant with European privacy legislation GDPR; while also enabling us to vouch for smooth integration with other systems using real-time APIs. Interpret all of this in practical terms, and you find yourself using technology that is basically made for you. And in a highly user-friendly, secure and scalable manner, too.

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