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Loyal customers: that calls for the power of the right mix.

A satisfied customer is pleasant – but no longer enough. Today’s retailers are working towards loyal customers who both feel connected and reinforce brand value online and offline. How can such long-term relationships be forged? Using meaningful content. With data and insights that add value. With easy-to-use technology and promotions that move consumers.

Those four parts: we bring them together optimally. And therefore vouch for loyalty programmes with impact and performance.

Personalised, via the right channel and at the best time.

The ability to change customer behaviour is worth its weight in gold. Together, we devise a content strategy that optimises customer loyalty. Think digital savings and promotions, which enable the customer to look forward to an appropriate incentive. Think personalised content, which inspires and merges seamlessly into every stage of the customer journey. We let customers experience that we understand them. That we are there for them at any time – before and certainly after every purchase.

Promotions: use them separately or for a loyalty program

Offer consumers greater convenience, value and relevance using our innovative promotion marketing tool. Surprise them by applying innovative advertising options, and achieve not only more measurable impact and sales, but also an exceptional customer experience. Our tool enables retailers to increase traffic to their own site, while simultaneously pursuing conversion to a physical shop visit. A tailored omnichannel customer experience can therefore be created for every consumer, which enables one to swiftly and conveniently integrate digital and physical shopping experiences. This creates new sources of revenue, in addition to offering brands premium advertising opportunities, while rendering both in-store and online sales activities measurable.

In short, with promotions we focus on more effective cooperation between retailers and brands.

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Convert data and insights into maximum performance

Cooperate with us in pursuit of loyalty programmes and campaigns that yield optimum returns. Render digital performance transparent and measurable and discover which activations have the greatest effect and when. Gain insight into when which digital channel works best, utilise the impact of personalisation, targeting and segmentation, and increase your ROI as a result. The potential of savings mechanisms, promotions and rewards: we tap into it with measurement, analysis and optimisation. And convert conversion into value, for maximum results.

Curious about how we do so for retailers?

The technology for an effective loyalty and engagement platform

In recent years, our technology has proven itself to numerous domestic and international clients. It enables us to both comply with the European privacy legislation GDPR and offer a reliable loyalty and engagement platform, in which user data, transaction data and shop data are jointly presented in a clear manner. Real-time APIs also ensure flexible interfacing with POS, e-commerce and CRM systems. Apps, gamification and digital savings campaigns: our technology provides retailers with the versatile basis.

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