Connect, convert, engage.
Time after time, for every customer.

Shall we truly make the
customer journey work?

Customers want the reassurance that you are there for them. That you understand them, while providing services and products that seamlessly match their needs. Weave this engagement into the very fabric of the customer journey therefore, making things as convenient as possible for customers and offering them a relevant experience at every turn. The power of brand experience is increasing, while the potential of promotions, repeat purchases and product reviews is getting constantly expanding. And while all this is taking place, insight is increasing – as is the knowledge required to further enhance the customer journey.

Work with us to build a strong brand

A customer journey that continuously improves itself: we jointly make an impact. We jointly strengthen the experience of your brand, jointly enrich customer interaction. The more we do that, the greater the effect.

And all with a multifaceted approach built on three strong pillars:

1. Connect

Increase the value of every touchpoint throughout the customer journey by applying a measured and complete omnichannel strategy. Connect with the right target group, at national, regional and local levels. Enrich interactions with customers, no matter where they are. Regardless of whether they are scrolling on social media, on their way home or visiting a physical shop: By targeting at the right time – i.e. a personalised offer for each consumer – one can render the brand experience more consistent and complete than ever.

Local marketing

We make an impact with innovative advertising opportunities. Think tailored marketing to better respond to local market needs, for example in combination with a community sports event, festival, sports club or association. Put yourself out there as a sponsor, enticing people to visit a local shop through promotions. It is both sympathetic and strengthens bonding.

2. Convert

Benefit from an intelligent, unique and innovative mechanism for promotions. Sales become 100% measurable, while promotions are unique and can be redeemed once only. Innovative advertising capabilities, both online and offline, help convert views and clicks into measurable sales. Consumers also get an instant promotion discount or free product, instead of a retrospective reward. Conversions therefore translate into real-time performance, with the latest insight at any time.

3. Engage

Enrich the customer journey with follow-up campaigns, gain insight into needs and product reviews via mini-surveys, and then reward customers with promotions designed to promote repeat purchases. The basis for this starts with engagement. Obtained through first-party data, for which gamification serves as an ideal basis. A scratch-and-win promotion, games such as a wheel of fortune or dice: translate them to your activation programme and your brand becomes fun. Your brand recognition increases as a result, and therefore also engagement. We align the games with the campaign, including the right corporate identity and tone-of-voice. We can also use them to enrich customer profiles.

Get in

Start creating a customer journey that adds value at every turn straight away. From promotions to engagement: this is the basis for your brand. And we would be pleased to tell you more about it.

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