So loyalty
yields maximum results

Loyalty app, platform, integration.
To suit your wishes.

A distinctive loyalty app, adapted to match your look & feel. User-friendly for all customers, and can be used on every device. A loyalty app, in fact, that integrates seamlessly with the Boxplosive loyalty and engagement stack. What’s more, it’s based on a standard solution, making it far more attractive in terms of money than if you call someone in to create, maintain and independently continue developing a loyalty app from scratch.

Benefit from our strategy

We have other integration options for you as well as our white-label app. Perhaps you would still rather create a bespoke app? Or perhaps you just want to use some of our modules? If that’s the case, we have the APIs for integration. A loyalty app, platform and integration: they are all solutions that help convert loyalty into results.
And it’s all based on a clearly defined, five-step strategy:

1. Kick-off

First of all, let’s get to know each other a bit better. Tell us more about your company, about your needs, your customers and your target group. We’ll host a workshop so that, together, we can find a clear strategy and an overarching design for your loyalty program.

2. Concept

At this stage, we flesh out the design with more details. Together, we decide how to let our technology tie in smoothly with your goals. We describe what’s needed for seamless integration into your loyalty program, and show you its potential value.

3. Implemen­tation

Time for the design, for the integration and configuration, and the entry of content and data. We develop your loyalty platform and loyalty app, test it in a first live environment and provide training sessions to make sure you get the best possible use from it.

4. Launch

From now on, you can build meaningful, long-lasting customer relationships on the solid foundations formed by your loyalty platform and loyalty app. In the first weeks after the launch, we will keep an eye on how the app and the platform are functioning. How is the on-boarding going? Are people signing up?

5. Loyalty conversion

Even after the launch, we’ll stay involved in your loyalty conversion optimization. We’ll be there for support, evaluation and fine-tuning. We’ll improve your solutions and activations where we can, and that’s how, together, we can raise your conversion rate. Now, and in the future.

Get in

Call us to get the most out of your loyalty program, and take conversion to the next level. It’s your next step in customer loyalty: we’d love to tell you more.

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