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Loyal customers: that calls for the power of the right combination.

A happy customer is great – but that’s not enough. Today’s retailers and brands concentrate on attracting loyal customers who feel a connection, and who reinforce the brand value, both online and offline. So, how do you build those long-lasting relationships? With meaningful content. With services that add value. With easy-to-use technology. Those are the three elements you need – and we bring them together for the best effect. And that’s why we can offer loyalty programs that make an impact and deliver results.

Personalised, via the right channel and at the best possible time.

Anyone who can change customer behaviour has the goose that lays the golden eggs. We’ll work with you to find a content strategy that will optimize your customer loyalty. For example, there’s digital points schemes and promotions that have customers looking forward to a suitable incentive. For example, there’s personalised content, full of inspiration and tying in perfectly with every stage of the customer journey. We show customers that we understand them. We show them that we are there for them, at all times – before every purchase and certainly after it.

Use our services to get the most out of your loyalty program.

Which activities deliver the most, at which stage of the customer journey? Which digital channels should you use, and when, for maximum appeal for each user group? We can help you answer questions like the ones above, with things like training sessions and workshops. Our tools include a road map for your loyalty programs, project management for integrating our technology and a supportive help desk. Our range of services has everything you need for that one, overarching service: loyalty conversion optimization.

The technology for an effective loyalty platform.

Over the past years, our technology has demonstrated its worth for countless clients, both at home and abroad. Our technology complies with the European GDPR legislation while providing a reliable loyalty platform that combines user data, transaction data and store data in an orderly overview. In addition, real-time APIs provide a flexible connection between the systems for POS, e-commerce and CRM. Apps, gamification and campaigns for digital points schemes: our technology gives you versatile foundations for them.

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